What nutrition do children need?

The baby's body develops very rapidly in childhood, so the supply of various nutrients cannot fall. Generally speaking, the essential nutrition for children's development includes the following elements:

1. Protein. Protein is the basic component of the body's tissues and cells. It is very important for babies in childhood, who are in a period of vigorous growth and development, and they need more protein than adults.

2. Heat. The baby's metabolism in childhood is very strong, so the basal metabolism is very fast. In addition, during this period, the baby's body needs to synthesize more body tissue components to meet the needs of rapid growth of the body, so naturally it needs more calories.

3. Vitamins. Vitamins are trace organic substances necessary for human growth and metabolism. For example, vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium by the human body and is beneficial to the health of bones and teeth. Generally speaking, vitamins cannot be produced and synthesized in the body by themselves, so they need to be obtained through diet and other means.

Mothers all know that the vitamin content in fruits is extremely rich, so many mothers will eat fresh fruits or freshly squeezed juices for their childhood babies. However, this needs to consider the problem of pesticide residues in fruits, and carry and store them when going out. , It is not convenient to eat. It is recommended that mothers can choose juice puree products with a reasonable ratio, such as Heinz juice puree, select high-quality fruit materials from around the world, and use natural fruit puree to match the fruit juice to retain the natural pulp fiber, which helps to promote the baby’s nutrient digestion and absorption. The baby is supplemented with enough vitamins and cellulose, and Heinz juice puree is free of preservatives, colorings and artificial flavors. It is usually eaten as a snack for the baby. It is natural and safer!

4. Minerals. Minerals, also known as inorganic salts, are one of the main elements that constitute human tissues, maintain normal physiological functions, biochemical metabolism and other life activities. Like vitamins, minerals cannot be produced and synthesized in the body by themselves, and need to be obtained through diet and other means. For example, when adding complementary foods, you might as well choose iron-fortified Heinz nutritional rice noodles. Its rice noodle products are refined from green rice produced in a green base, and the "Double Green Guarantee" is safer. At present, there are not many nutritional rice noodles that can achieve the "Double Green Guarantee" on the market, so mothers can give priority to green rice + "Double Green Guarantee" brand rice noodles produced by the green base.

5. Fat. In addition to providing the corresponding calories, the most important thing is to provide essential fatty acids for the growth and development of the human body and maintain the health of the skin. For example, DHA, as one of the essential fatty acids for the human body, is particularly important for enhancing memory, thinking, and brain development.


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