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Baby Nasensauger
Nasensaug funktion
baby Nasal Aspirator
grownsybaby Nasal Aspirator
Nasensauger Vergleich
baby nose sucker
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Baby Nasal Aspirator | Baby Nose Sucker | Nose Sucker for Baby - Baby Nose Cleaner, Automatic Nose Sucker for Infants, Rechargeable, with Music & Light Soothing Function

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【Strong Suction】 The suction of baby nasal aspirator is up to 65Kpa. There 3 modes of suction can be adjusted, which can resolve almost all kinds of snot. (For stubborn boogers and mucus, soften with Saline Snot Spray first, please wait for 30 seconds to one minute, then suck away with this Baby Nose Sucker)

【Rechargeable】GROWNSY Booger Sucker for Baby can used for 120mins after fully charged. Long lasting life ensures it's available anytime when you need it. Attention: The nose sucker will not work while charging.

【Waterproof and Easy to Clean】The storage tank has been separated from the air intake of the machine to prevent backflow. Simply open the mucus collection cup and rinse with hot soapy water.

【Quiet Operation】 This GROWNSY nose aspirator for babies adopted with a high-quality motor to ensure low noise, and there is a LED warm light, make your baby can enjoy a clean nasal experience in a quiet environment.

【Safety and Hygienic】 BPA and Latex free. GROWNSY electric baby nasal aspirator is accord tested safety suction standards to avoid damage baby's delicate nasal mucosa, mouth contact, and cross-infection.

Manufacture: ShenzhenshiLonghuaquMeinuokejiShanghang

Manufacture Address: Room 101,No. 21, Longhushanzhuang, Xikeng Community, Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Telephone number: 0755-26976856


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