Will eating coconut milk at night make me fat?

Su Shi once had a famous saying, "Pick the syrup from the coconut tree, and bring a bowl of white jade fragrance." Qingbuliang is one of the classic snacks in Hainan, and it is hailed as "the coolness on the tip of the tongue". It is a refreshing and refreshing thirst quenching drink. In addition, Qingbuliang is also deeply loved by the majority of people because of its long history. So after a meal in the evening, eating a bowl of coconut milk for cooling and cooling will make you fat? What is the calorie of ordinary coconut milk for cooling and cooling?

The authentic refreshing and refreshing is made of mung beans, red beans, red kidney beans, barley, sago, red dates, macaroni, coconut milk, old coconut and other rich materials. A small bowl can taste a variety of flavors. A portion of coconut milk for cooling and refreshing is simple and easy to make. Just blanch the sweet corn kernels, filter the water, cook the ingredients other than the fruits separately, and then take out the fresh old coconut meat and put it into the squeeze together with the right amount of cold white boil. Crush it in the juicer, filter out the most mellow coconut milk juice, add them to the previously prepared ingredients, add some peanuts and ice cubes to make a delicious and refreshing refreshing.

Most of the ingredients for cooling and refreshing are made of nuts, so the fat content in it is minimal, and it is also rich in high-quality protein that is beneficial to human cells. It is a very healthy and delicious refreshing dessert without worrying about getting fat easily. The cooling calories (measured in 100 grams of edible part) is 48 calories (200 kJ), which is much less than the one or two thousand calories we normally consume every day.